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Why we exist

We think the world needs more


Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world. (Eric Huges)

Open Access

Technology, as well as financial markets, are currently a privilege of a few. We aim to change that by writing software.


We believe that transparency is a key factor in surpassing the current overly-regulated markets. We build tools to improve transparency using cryptography.

Free Software

We believe that software should be free, as in freedom. That’s why we release our tools and solutions to the world.

Our Services

We can help you bring your software vision to life with industry-leading full-cycle custom application development.

Software Engineering

We have the developers, the methodology, the experience, and the quality. You just need to share your idea with us, and we’ll bring it to life.

Blockchain Solutions

We have several years of experience in the Bitcoin field and can help you build your blockchain and Lightning Network application.

Finance Software

We can build or improve your fintech company. Additionally, we have ready-made solutions for trading platforms and trading bots.

Ui & Ux Design

We can take care of your customers, making sure they enjoy using your software. After all, it’s not just boring software.


Security is a pillar when it comes to Bitcoin, blockchain, or finance. We can provide full audit services through our partners.

Advisory and Education

We can help your company grow by assisting your employees in understanding Bitcoin, blockchain, security, and software engineering.

Mintlayer Sidechain

mintlayer logo

Mintlayer bring digital assets to Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the main currency

Support any kind of digital assets such as Security Tokens

Mintlayer's DEX is a simple interface to swap tokens

Based on free market incentives

Ideal for stablecoin


Global and Permissionless

Open Source

RBB LAB offer services for builders, get in touch!

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Our Headquarter is located in San Marino. Customers are worldwide. Drop us a message.

P.zza E. Enriquez 22/C - Repubblica di San Marino

+(378) 0549 990284